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Best Show Ever Coming to DVD?

February 23, 2009

Every month or so I go onto Google and search around to see if the best show ever made is on sale on DVD yet. 

What is this best show ever made? 

Discovery Channel’s ‘How It’s Made,’ of course. 

I checked today and it is NOW ON SALE.  Except it’s being sold through ‘Discovery Education,’ which is their retail outlet for teachers…  Which is a niche market, which is somehow making Discovery think they will make money by charging $60.00 for a 30 minute show?  Teachers might not be buying these things out of their own pockets, but shoot, that’s mucho dinero for not so much show.  If I was a bean counter for a school, I’d call shenanigans on a teacher’s request to buy DVD’s at that rate–though my professional  bean counter opinion is that this show absolutely would rule as an educational tool.

Hopefully, this is the prelude to Discovery marketing the show to the public, at which point they will have to drop their prices because not even I, the most mesmerized How It’s Made fan, am willing to pay that.

As a warm-up for a post which I’ll be making in a day or two, check out how ship’s wheels are made.

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