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Professional Development

Occasionally I’ll get involved in some type of ‘extracurricular activity’ in order to improve my skills as a mechanical design engineer.  Any edifyingly engaging endeavor enhancing my abilities is listed below.

Date Post Title
12-May-2010 Mechatronics: The Major Subsystems
28-Apr-2010 Riveting
3-Apr-2010 Welding
9-Aug-2009 Shop Class as Soulcraft
6-May-2009 My Thesis
1-May-2009 The Henry Ford’ (Museum)
7-Apr-2009 Best Show Ever is on Sale!
3-Apr-2009 OMAX 2626 Waterjet Cutter (& a banner image)
28-Mar-2009 Class Competition Decorations
18-Mar-2009 Time-Lapse Video of Georgia Tech
9-Mar-2009 Carbon Fiber Racecar Fender Fabrication
23-Feb-2009 Best Show Ever Coming to DVD?
5-Feb-2009 First Post
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