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Best Show Ever is on Sale!

April 7, 2009

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been waiting quite a while for my favorite show, How It’s Made, to come to DVD.  I checked Discovery’s website again a couple days ago to see whether it was being sold yet.  It still wasn’t available, except where I had already found it being marketed to educators at exorbitant prices.  So I emailed Discovery and asked them if they had plans to start marketing it to the public at prices which the public would actually pay.

Discovery responded to me and told me that all the episodes are available through iTunes!!  I had only recently caved in and created an iTunes account for myself after getting an iPhone; I hadn’t even thought to see if How It’s Made was available there.  Well it sure is, and it’s not even expensive.  Prior seasons are grouped into Two Season sets called “Volumes” which are only $25.00 for 26 episodes.

iTunes is about to get a significant stimulus from my wallet.  And my brain is about to get a significantly educational stimulus in the methods of product production.  This is fantastic.

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