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Quaker’s Awesome Advertising Campaign

April 9, 2009

I may not be as into graphic design as I am into engineering and product design, but Quaker’s new Go Humans Go advertising has been keeping a smile on my face wherever I drive in Atlanta (pic taken from here):


Seen here in Atlanta, and also visible (for now) at the Quaker Oats website:


In poking around the internet for information on the ad campaign, I saw that some commentators have been confused or (sarcastically) freaked out by the half-visage of the iconic Quaker man staring at them from a bus terminal sign or billboard, advising them to go.

But I have been nothing but inspired by the jolly Quaker whose summary wisdom seems to be: “Life is waiting; go get it.”  That is just the kind of thing I would want to convey if I was doing advertising.  All of life–and design is a prime example of this–is about the pursuit and achievement of values.  So, go!

Update 04-12-09

Continuum, the design consultancy, has a blog post on a Harley-Davidson advertisement.  Conveys the same great sense of life of this Quaker Oats add.


Update 05-04-09:

Ring any bells? Cover for The New Yorker, May 11th, 2009:




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